19 October, 2009

History of Wife Swapping part 2

It was first report during World War II (1941-1944) that wife swapping activity was known, especially among the US air force pilots. Those men were wealthy enough to move their wives close to the base. In those days nobody knew will there be a tomorrow and the fact that their fatality rate was extremely high against any other branch of service led to and unusual social scene where non-monogamy between these pilots' wives and other pilots became satisfactory. Before military actions they would organize parties with their colleagues and their wives to say good bye. In these parties colleagues will promise if anything happens to them that they will take care of their families, including the sexual needs of their wives. These arrangements persisted near the air force bases throughout World War II and well into the Korean War. By the time the Korean War has ended, these wife swapping groups had spread from bases to the nearby suburbs. By then there were also "key clubs". This is where husbands reportedly tossed their house keys into the pile in the center of the room where they were to draw at random by their wives. The owner of a selected key was the sexual partner for that evening. It was until not until the early 1950's that the media first reported these activities in the US and in the military and named it "wife swapping". The very first public decision of wife swapping was published in a magazine in the late 1957. This magazine was published in New York. It was an article issue of men's magazine called "Mr.". The magazine carried a short article with "semi-nude photos of bosomy female models" and this is when the team wife swapping emerged. The editor of "Mr." claimed it was an article that sparked off the epidemic of much similar articles across other magazines. "Mr." followed up with the original article with a correspondence section. By surprise many unforeseen aspects of the phenomenon emerged from reader's responses. The included such information of sex clubs especially devoted to trios, foursomes, or even large groups. It did not take long for "Mr." to see the opportunity to carry advertisements from people trying to contact other couples with a view to wife swapping. Over the next couple of years, a large variety of national and local magazines were catering to those in needs of wife swapping. During that time the prime way to meet other wife swappers was through personal ads. These publication offered column after column of such ads. Many of these ads had illustration nude and revealing photos of couples and hopeful singles.

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